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  1. A Multimedia Design for Leadership Training: From Process to Product

    Hanadi Saleh & Roberta K. Weber, Florida Atlantic University, United States

    Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2001 (2001) pp. 544–545

    Training future educational leaders utilizing a variety of multimedia produced modules provides an excellent opportunity for introducing the benefits of well-designed courseware and the... More

    pp. 544-545


    Alfred Bork, University of California, United States

    Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2001 (2001) pp. 467–472

    In 1957 the Soviets put up the first earth satellite, Sputnik I. For education in the United States this was a traumatic event. Until that time, many (but not all) people, including the popular... More

    pp. 467-472

  3. Lessons Learned: School based Reform and its Impact on the Restructuring of a Teacher Preparation Program

    Jan Mastin & Joseph Polman, Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis, United States; Kathleen Beyer, Educational Visions, United States

    Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2001 (2001) pp. 63–67

    The reform in teacher technology integration at our university is based on a school reform project. Thirteen area classrooms were equipped with the latest technology. We were selected to train the ... More

    pp. 63-67


    Danielle Heyns, Teacher Training College, South Africa

    Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2001 (2001) pp. 58–59

    Teachers in South Africa are confronted with a new educational paradigm and rapid development in information communication technologies. In South Africa there is still a considerable lack of... More

    pp. 58-59

  5. Instructional Strategies for Adobe Photoshop: Developing Teacher Training That Works

    Barbara Chamberlin, University of Virginia, United States

    Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2001 (2001) pp. 26–30

    Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image-editing program with extended capabilities. Unfortunately, the power and versatility of the program can result in teacher training that is too broad, difficult... More

    pp. 26-30

  6. Discetech: Advanced Training on Technologies and Didactic for Italian Teachers

    Mario A. Bochicchio, Roberto Paiano & Giuseppina Marselli, Univ. of Lecce, Italy; Paolo Paolini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

    Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2001 (2001) pp. 15–19

    The Discetech project was conceived in 1996 at Politecnico di Milano (Italy) to integrate technological training and educational practice. In Discetech, in fact, we train teachers on the use of... More

    pp. 15-19

  7. Integrating Technology Into the Curriculum

    Rosanne Yost & Ray Thompson, University of South Dakota, United States

    EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2000 (2000) p. 1837

    This session describes a teacher education course designed to help K-12 educators integrate technology into their curriculums. The Technology for Training and Development (TTD) Division at the... More

    p. 1837

  8. The Management of the Telecommunications Function: The Impact on Organizational Support, Planning and Training Quality

    John Willems & Karen Ketler, Eastern Illinois University, United States

    EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2000 (2000) p. 1835

    This article reports the results of a survey of marketing managers in order to obtain information from the end user about the impact of the management structure of the telecommunications function ... More

    p. 1835

  9. Multimedia Training , Virtual Instrumentation and Remote Laboratory a New Approach to the Electronic Courseware

    Nicoletta Sala, Academy of arch. University of Italian Switzerland, Switzerland

    EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2000 (2000) p. 1829

    This work describes a project developed at the Department of Electronic Politecnico of Torino in the field of multimedia technologies in educational process. The goal was to allow the students to ... More

    p. 1829

  10. Training Students to Be Self-Learners in Educational Hypermedia and Technology Courses

    Amy S. C. Leh, California State University San Bernardino, United States

    EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2000 (2000) p. 1822

    Modern technology is changing our education paradigm. Due to technology advancement, instructors can no longer play the role of "information-giver", rather have to become a facilitator. Facing... More

    p. 1822

  11. NACSIS-ILL Distance Training System in IDLE Distance Learning Project

    Tomo'o Inoue & Haruki Ueno, National Institute of Informatics, Japan

    EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2000 (2000) p. 1816

    We have started the distance learning project named IDLE (Integrated Distance Learning Environment) in 1998. The primary motivation of beginning the project is to meet the social needs. There are ... More

    p. 1816

  12. A Distributed Maritime Simulation Training Environment based on HLA

    Mirko Dobermann, Computer Graphics Center ZGDV, Germany; Harro Kucharzewski, MarineSoft GmbH, Germany

    EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2000 (2000) p. 1811

    A new approach for advanced training systems is the integration of computer simulation into such applications, allowing students to experiment in complex scenarios. The presentation introduces a... More

    p. 1811

  13. Reeves Ten-Dimensional Model: Application for the Design and Development of Web-Based Learning Scenario on Learning Theories

    Caroline Brassard, Jacqueline Bourdeau & Pauline Minier, Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi, Canada

    EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2000 (2000) p. 1807

    This poster presentation covers the design and development of a media-based learning scenario and Web environment with a view to implementing a pedagogical design that integrates new technologies.... More

    p. 1807

  14. EDIT - A Distributed Web-based Learning Network for Distance Education

    Lucian Voinea, Gabriel Dima & Ciprian Cudalbu, University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, Romania; Ion Miu, IBM Global Services, Education &Training, Romania; Marcel Profirescu, University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, Romania

    EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2000 (2000) pp. 1765–1766

    This paper reports on the results of the project "Open and Distance Learning Network in Information Technology and Microelectronics - EDIT" run by University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, Technical... More

    pp. 1765-1766


    Penelope Semrau & Barbara Boyer, California State University, Los Angeles, United States

    EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2000 (2000) pp. 1728–1730

    CSULA was charged with assisting the NSA in the research, development, documentation and the necessary expertise to convert a traditional face-to-face platform course to a multimedia web-based... More

    pp. 1728-1730

  16. Keep facilitating pupils and English teachers appropriately

    Bo Han, National Teachers'College Inner Mongolia, China

    EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2000 (2000) pp. 1660–1661

    This paper describes a research project on primary school English teaching and teacher training in Inner Mongolia P.R.China where the financial situations of the schools and pupils vary, and... More

    pp. 1660-1661

  17. LearnScope and the Development of Virtual Learning Communities

    Allan Ellis, Southern Cross University, Australia; Robyn Weatherley, NSW Dept of Education and Training, Australia

    EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2000 (2000) pp. 1636–1637

    The Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector in Australia is coming under increasing pressure, both nationally and internationally, to deliver courses in flexible ways that incorporate the... More

    pp. 1636-1637

  18. Student Technology Services: A Case Study in Experiential Learning

    John A. Grozik & Joseph Douglas, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, United States

    EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2000 (2000) pp. 1632–1633

    A unique service organization, consisting exclusively of student employees, exists within the University of Wisconsin's Information and Media Technologies Division. Known as Student Technology... More

    pp. 1632-1633

  19. Web-Based: Instructional Effectiveness

    Nella Anderson, Western State College, United States

    EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2000 (2000) pp. 1583–1585

    Training preservice education students on the Internet requires the course to be more structured than would be required to teach the same course without an electronic component (Gillette, 1996). ... More

    pp. 1583-1585

  20. Neuromance, Or Is The Old Flame Still Best?

    Simon Walker, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

    EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2000 (2000) pp. 1542–1543

    This work in progress paper reports on whether hybrid CD-ROM technology used to train or supplement the training of mentors of beginning teachers in Vocational Education and Training is an... More

    pp. 1542-1543