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College Website Review and Revision

, , University of North Florida, United States

Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA ISBN 978-1-880094-44-0 Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Chesapeake, VA


Websites are becoming increasingly important for schools as support for teachers, administrators, counselors, students, parents, and the community. Jamie Mackenzie (1997) offers four reasons for maintaining effective school websites: introducing visitors to the school; pointing students to useful web resources; publishing student work; and collecting data on curriculum projects. Developing or redeveloping a school's website can become a complex process and it requires careful planning. Investigating who will use the site, what information users will require or appreciate, and maximizing useful ways to present the information are important steps. Who will use the site also brings up the important question of who can use the site? Any revision of a website must include accessibility issues for their content. The US government and the W3C consortium has accessibility guidelines for websites that will assist school website reviewers and designers in adapting their sites so all users have equitable access.


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