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Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

2001 Volume 9, Number 2


Richard E. Ferdig

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Building a Cyber Training Center for Teachers in Korea

    Young-kyun Baek, Korean National University of Education; Marv Westrom, University of British Columbia, Canada

    A system for the delivery of teacher training on the Internet is being developed in Korea. The Cyber Teacher Training System (CTTS) was planned and has been implemented co-operatively by the... More

    pp. 171-179

  2. Teachers’ Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Skills and Practices of Using ICT

    KAI HAKKARAINEN, HANNI MUUKONEN, LASSE LIPPONEN & LIISA ILOMÄKI, University of Helsinki, Finland; MARJAANA RAHIKAINEN, University of Turku, Finland; ERNO LEHTINEN, University of Helsinki, Finland

    The purpose of the study was to analyze relations between teachers' skills in using the new information and communi-cation technology (ICT), their pedagogical thinking, and their self-reported... More

    pp. 181-197

  3. A Collaborative Approach for Creating Curriculum and Instructional Materials

    Sally Sologuk & Ronald Stammen, North Dakota State University, United States; Ronald Vetter, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, United States

    Many states-and more particularly rural states-have trou-ble funding technology in education even when state tech-nology coordinators know the benefit each technology initia-tive will provide to... More

    pp. 199-210

  4. Transforming Learning with Technology: Lessons from the Field

    WILLIAM BAGLEY, Cullman High School, United States; MARGARET L. RICE & ELIZABETH K. WILSON, The University of Alabama, United States

    Professional organizations in many subject areas have em-phasized changing the way subject matter is taught by active-ly involving students in critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making,... More

    pp. 211-230

  5. Redesigning Undergraduate Technology Instruction One College of Education’s Experience

    JANICE R. WISSMAN & TWEED W. ROSS, Kansas State University, United States

    The purpose this article is to discuss the redesign of an intro-ductory education technology course required for all teacher education students at a midwestern university. Challenges that... More

    pp. 231-244

  6. Professional Development in Technology: Catalyst for School Reform

    Patricia E. Holland, University of Houston, United States

    This case study of teachers' professional development in in-structional technology explores three assumptions. The first is that teachers are at various levels in their knowledge and use of... More

    pp. 245-267

  7. Implementing Technology Using the Teachers as Trainers Staff Development Model

    Van E. Cooley, Western Michigan University, United States

    The Teachers as Trainers staff development model provides a comprehensive framework for faculty and staff training. The research-based model focuses on a number of interrelat-ed concepts... More

    pp. 269-284

  8. Examining the Reflective Outcomes of Asynchronous Computer-Mediated Communication on Inservice Teacher Development

    Mark Hawkes, Department of Educational Computing and Instructional Technology, United States; Alexander Romiszowski, Department of Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation, United States

    This study explored the professional development experienc-es of 28 practicing teachers in 10 Chicago suburban schools involved in a two-year technology supported Problem-Based Learning... More

    pp. 285-308