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Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

2001 Volume 9, Number 1


Richard E. Ferdig

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Teacher Adoption of Technology: A Perceptual Control Theory Perspective

    Yong Zhao, Michigan State University, United States; Gary A. Cziko, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States

    There is an ironic and costly contradiction in the attempt to integrate technology into education. While evidence of the educational benefits of technology abounds and investment in hardware and... More

    pp. 5-30

  2. Breakdown into the Virtual User-Involved Design and Learning

    RONALD SOETAERT & GUY C. JULES VAN BELLE, Ghent University, Belgium

    Science has been changing rapidly over the last decade. Like everything else around us it seems to be in the turmoil of al-tering, mutating, or disappearing. Most likely the idea of change is a... More

    pp. 31-42

  3. Teacher Education and the World Wide Web

    Janice L. Flake, Florida State University, United States

    This article examines changes in Teacher Education Pro-grams that can evolve out of the presence of the World Wide Web (Web) and Internet. As the Web becomes more avail-able to universities,... More

    pp. 43-61

  4. The InterNet Academy and Beyond

    BETTY YOUNG & SANDY JEAN HICKS, University of Rhode Island, United States

    This article describes a teacher education program's efforts to provide inservice teachers, training in using the Internet through a summer InterNet Academy. Training was held for all levels of... More

    pp. 63-73

  5. The Development of a Technology Committee in Undergraduate Teacher Education Courses: Is this an Effective Strategy?

    Sandra Cooper, Texas Tech University, United States

    Preparing teacher education students for technology applica-tions can be overwhelming considering the all the other in-formation that needs to be addressed in teacher education courses. However, it... More

    pp. 75-82

  6. Technology Integration: A Case of Professional Development

    Paula D. Nisan-Nelson, Glenville State College, United States

    The purpose of this study was to investigate if a professional development session, teachers' learning styles, or an individ-ual's personal appraisal of problem-solving abilities can be indicator(s... More

    pp. 83-183

  7. From Teaching Technology to Using Technology to Enhance Student Learning: Preservice Teachers’ Changing Perceptions of Technology Infusion

    RACHEL VANNATTA, Bowling Green State University, United States; BARBARA BEYERBACH & CHRISTINE WALSH, Oswego State University, United States

    This article uncovers changes that occurred in preservice teachers' thinking about and use of technology infusion and its role in student learning. It reports on findings from a two-year evaluation... More

    pp. 105-127

  8. A Qualitative Evaluation of Utilizing Dynamic Quad Screen Technology for Elementary and Middle School Teacher Preparation

    William J. Boone, Indiana University-Bloomington, United States

    Over the last eight years at Indiana University an innovative hands-on science course has been offered for teachers using interactive full motion 2-way audio/2-way video links. Pres-ently ... More

    pp. 129-146