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Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

2018 Volume 26, Number 4


Richard E. Ferdig

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Editorial: What We Learned About Technology and Teacher Education in 2018

    Emily Baumgartner & Richard E. Ferdig, Kent State University, United States

    We include two main editorials each year in the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education (JTATE). In the second issue of the year, we report quantitative and qualitative results of the review ... More

    pp. 509-517

  2. Dawn of a New Profession: Remembering SITE’s Founder

    Glen Bull, University of Virginia, United States; Ann Thompson, Iowa State University, United States

    SITE’s founder, Jerry Willis, was born in 1943. He died this year just prior to the thirtieth anniversary of the organization that he founded. Television, computers, and the Internet did not exist ... More

    pp. 519-526

  3. Value of Annotated Video-Recorded Lessons as Feedback to Teacher-Candidates

    Estella Chizhik & Alexander Chizhik, San Diego State University, United States

    This study investigated teacher-candidates’ attitudes about perceived benefits of annotations of video-recorded lessons as feedback to their teaching-performance. Researchers view video-annotated... More

    pp. 527-552

  4. Can We Support Preservice Teachers' Intention to Teach Media & Information Literacy? Reflective Exercises with the Theory of Planned Behavior

    Sarah Gretter, Michigan State University Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology, United States

    Previous research on preservice teachers' views on Media & Information Literacy (MIL) showed that despite their positive attitudes and high intention to teach MIL to students, they do not feel like... More

    pp. 553-586

  5. Teachers' Analysis of Student Thinking in a Teaching Mathematics with Technology Massive Open Online Course for Educators

    Karen Hollebrands & Gemma Mojica, North Carolina State University, United States; Brooke Outlaw, Wake Technical Community College, United States

    This research study examined the ways participants analyzed students' mathematical thinking in a Teaching Mathematics with Technology Massive Open Online Course for Educators. 179 discussion forum ... More

    pp. 587-612

  6. The STAK Model: Exploring Individualized Professional Development for Technology Integration in Literacy

    Lindsay Woodward, Drake University, United States; Amy Hutchison, George Mason University, United States

    While teachers in many states are implementing the Common Core State Standards, increased attention is being paid to supporting teachers through professional development, especially for meeting... More

    pp. 613-644