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Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

January 2014 Volume 22, Number 1


Richard E. Ferdig

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. An Online High School “Shepherding” Program: Teacher roles and experiences mentoring online students

    Jeffery Drysdale & Charles Graham, Brigham Young University, United States; Jered Borup, George Mason University, United States

    Several online programs use on-site facilitators to create a stronger sense of community and reduce student dropout. However, very little research addresses how programs that are fully online can ... More

    pp. 9-32

  2. Who is Teaching? New Roles for Teachers and Parents in Cyber Charter Schools

    Lisa Hasler Waters & Peter Leong, University of Hawaii-Manoa, United States

    *** Invited as a paper from Ed-Media 2011 *** While teachers in cyber charter schools play the important role of supporting students, many of these schools also rely heavily on the parents or... More

    pp. 33-56

  3. Preparing Teachers for Emerging Blended Learning Environments

    Kevin Oliver & Dallas Stallings, North Carolina State University, United States

    Blended learning environments that merge learning strategies, resources, and modes have been implemented in higher education settings for nearly two decades, and research has identified many... More

    pp. 57-81

  4. K-12 online and blended teacher licensure: Striking a balance between policy and preparedness

    Leanna Archambault, Arizona State University, United States; Kristen DeBruler & Joseph Freidhoff, Michigan Virtual University, United States

    As the number of K-12 students participating in various forms of online learning steadily rises, teacher quality is of paramount concern. This article explores the theoretical underpinnings... More

    pp. 83-106

  5. The Adolescent Community of Engagement Framework: A Lens for Research on K-12 Online Learning

    Jered Borup, George Mason University, United States; Richard E. West, Charles R. Graham & Randall S. Davies, Brigham Young University, United States

    This paper describes the Adolescent Community of Engagement (ACE) framework as a lens to guide research and design in adolescent online learning environments. Several online learning frameworks... More

    pp. 107-129