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Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

2004 Volume 12, Number 4


Richard E. Ferdig

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Teaching Technology Through Story: Learning to Make Sense of the Story Developer

    Richard E. Ferdig, University of Florida

    There has been a tremendous resurgence of interest in narrative in many fields and disciplines including educational technology. Behind this concept of narrative is the idea that the story form is ... More

    pp. 475-490

  2. Learning with Multimedia Cases: An Evaluation Study4

    Ellen Van Den Berg, University of Twente; Leanne Jansen, Christelijk Pedagogisch Studiecentrum; Peter Blijleven, University of Twente

    This article is about the relation between case-based learning and transfer in teacher education. Through a design research approach a multimedia case has been developed. The topic of the case is "... More

    pp. 491-509

  3. Fad, Fashion, and the Weak Role of Theory and Research in Information Technology in Education

    Cleborne Maddux, Professor, United States; Rhoda Cummings, University of Nevada, Reno, United States

    Fads are a serious problem in education. Fads are destructive because they are quickly abandoned, and therefore, some promising innovations are dismissed before they have been given a fair trial. ... More

    pp. 511-533

  4. Overcoming the Challenges of Stand-Alone Multicultural Courses: The Possibilities of Technology Integration

    Elinor L. Brown, University of Kentucky, United States

    The enclosed manuscript discusses the challenges (student resistance, institutional time constraints, course isolation) of a successful conventional stand-alone multicultural course and describes... More

    pp. 535-559

  5. Multimedia Environments in Mathematics Teacher Education: Preparing Regular and Special Educators for Inclusive Classrooms

    Susan De La Paz & Pedro Hernández-Ramos, Santa Clara University, United States; Linda Barron, Vanderbilt University, United States

    A multimedia CD-ROM program, Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Inclusive Classrooms, was produced to help preservice teachers learn mathematics teaching methods in the context of inclusive... More

    pp. 561-575

  6. Teacher Professional Development to Promote Constructivist Uses of the Internet: A Study of One Graduate-Level Course

    Susan Gibson & Bonnie Skaalid, University of Alberta

    This article describes a graduate course entitled "Using the Internet to engage children in constructivist learning" offered as professional development for teachers at a large Canadian university.... More

    pp. 577-592

  7. Computer Attitude and Achievement: Is Time an Intermediate Variable?

    Leping Liu, University of Nevada, Reno, United States; Cleborne Maddux, Professor, United States; LaMont Johnson, University of Nevada, Reno, United States

    Studies have suggested that students’ computer attitudes are related to their success in learning to use computer technology. The current study investigates how positive attitudes are "transferred"... More

    pp. 593-607