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International Journal of Educational Telecommunications

2001 Volume 7, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. A Remote Learning System by Realtime Presentations on Web-Browser Synchronization

    Toshio Souya, Makoto Kobayashi & Amane Nakajima, IBM Research, Japan

    This article describes an experience in building and conduct-ing experiments on a prototype system for giving synchro-nous presentations. This prototype realizes a "presentation paradigm" that... More

    pp. 3-22

  2. The Virtual Classroom in Relation to Educational Models

    Donald L. Williams, University of Southern Mississippi, United States

    Proliferation of online courses and programs has led many academics to question the quality of instruction offered via the World Wide Web (WWW or Web). These questions arise because online... More

    pp. 23-32

  3. The Relationship Between Learning Style and Achievement in a One-way Video, Two-way Audio Preservice Teacher Education Computer Literacy Course

    Marcus D. Childress, Emporia State University, United States; Richard C. Overbaugh, Old Dominion University, United States

    The relationship between learning style and achievement in a one-way video, two-way audio preservice teacher education computer literacy course was investigated. The learning styles were... More

    pp. 57-71

  4. The Effectiveness of Interactive Distance Education Technologies in K-12 Learning: A Meta-Analysis

    Catherine S. Cavanaugh, University of North Florida, United States

    This article summarizes a quantitative synthesis of studies of the effectiveness of interactive distance education using vid-eoconferencing and telecommunications for K-12 academic achievement. ... More

    pp. 73-88