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Intercultural Education and Educational Technology

2005 Volume 4, Number 4


Glen L. Bull; Lynn Bell; Chrystalla Mouza

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Editorial: Intercultural Competence and the Role of Technology in Teacher Education

    Niki Davis, Mi Ok Cho & Lara Hagenson, Iowa State University, United States

    This special issue of Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education focuses on intercultural education and the role of technology to facilitate such education in formal courses of teacher... More

    pp. 384-394

  2. Educational Technology as a Tool for Multicultural Democratic Education: The Case of One U.S. History Teacher in an Underresourced High School

    Anand Marri, Teachers College, Columbia University, United States

    This case study analyzes the pedagogy of one U.S. History teacher as he prepared students for active and effective citizenship through multicultural democratic education in an underresourced... More

    pp. 395-409

  3. A Freirian Framework for Technology-Based Virtual Field Experiences

    Erik Malewski, JoAnn Phillion & James Lehman, Purdue University, United States

    This article describes a Freirian framework that was developed for conducting virtual field experiences through two-way videoconferencing. The project is part of a P3T3 grant aimed at infusing... More

    pp. 410-428

  4. Double Infusion: Toward a Process of Articulation Between Critical Multicultural Education and Technology Education in a Teacher Preparation Program

    James McShay, Iowa State University, United States

    This paper describes the goals of critical multicultural education in the USA and identifies current challenges working to impede its infusion within technology teacher education programs. It... More

    pp. 429-445

  5. Networked eLearning and Collaborative Knowledge Building: Design and Facilitation

    Elsebeth Korsgaard Sorensen, Dept. of Communication; Aalborg University, Denmark

    This paper addresses the core goals for educators to stimulate participation across diversity (including life trajectories and culture) and motivate learners to engage in negotiation of meaning and... More

    pp. 446-455

  6. Intercultural Technology Education for Preservice Teachers in Namibia and New Jersey

    Hilary Wilder, William Paterson University, United States; Todd Malone, National Institute of Educational Development, Namibia

    This case study paper describes a virtual, cross-cultural collaboration in the development of an undergraduate teacher-preparation course in educational technology. In an effort to increase the... More

    pp. 456-464

  7. Personal Perspectives: Using Multimedia to Express Cultural Identity

    David Carroll & Joanne Carney, Western Washington University, United States

    The Personal Perspectives multimedia project described in this article engages teacher candidates in examining and representing their cultural identity by means of Apple's iMovie software. This... More

    pp. 465-488

  8. Technology and the Deep Play of Intercultural Teacher Education: A Reflection on Two Seminal Writings of Clifford Geertz

    Richard E. Ferdig & Kara Dawson, University of Florida, United States

    Abstract The selection of a seminal piece on intercultural issues in technology and teacher education was challenging. Researchers interested in the field come from numerous fields of study,... More

    pp. 489-503