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Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education

September 2014 Volume 14, Number 3


Glen L. Bull; Lynn Bell; Chrystalla Mouza

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. The Student Writing Archive Project: Designing a Searchable Database of Student Writing and Teacher Commentary for English Teacher Preparation Courses

    Michael B. Sherry, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, United States

    Teacher candidates have few opportunities during their teacher preparation coursework to investigate practices associated with eliciting and responding to student writing. This article describes an... More

    pp. 194-219

  2. The Role of Technology in Supporting Students’ Mathematical Thinking: Extending the Metaphors of Amplifier and Reorganizer

    Milan Sherman, Drake University, United States

    The use of instructional technology in secondary mathematics education has proliferated in the last decade, and students’ mathematical thinking and reasoning has received more attention during this... More

    pp. 220-246

  3. Diffusing Innovations: Adoption of Serious Educational Games by K-12 Science Teachers.

    David Vallett, University of Nevada Las Vegas, United States; Leonard Annetta, George Mason University, United States; Richard Lamb, Washington State University, United States; Brandy Bowling, North Carolina State University, United States

    Innovation is a term that has become widely used in education; especially as it pertains to technology infusion. Applying the corporate theory of diffusing innovation to educational practice is an ... More

    pp. 247-265

  4. Transforming the History Curriculum With Geospatial Tools

    Thomas Hammond, Lehigh University, United States

    Martorella's "sleeping giant" is awakening via geospatial tools. As this technology is adopted, it will transform the history curriculum in three ways: deepening curricular content, making... More

    pp. 266-287

  5. Assessment and Collaboration in the Context of the Systematic Design of Blended PBL: A Commentary on An (2013)

    Richard Edwards, University of Waikato, New Zealand

    In highlighting the importance of problem-based learning in the development of 21st century skills, An (2013) identified the challenges faced by novice teachers in its implementation and suggested ... More

    pp. 288-296

  6. The Second Prototype of the Development of a Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Based Instructional Design Model: An Implementation Study in a Technology Integration Course

    Chia-Jung Lee & ChanMin Kim, University of Georgia, United States

    This study presents a refined technological pedagogical content knowledge (also known as TPACK) based instructional design model, which was revised using findings from the implementation study of a... More

    pp. 297-326