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Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education

December 2012 Volume 12, Number 4


Glen L. Bull; Lynn Bell; Chrystalla Mouza

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Collaboration Beyond the Classroom Walls: Deepening Learning for Students, Preservice Teachers, Teachers, and Professors

    Susanne Nobles, Fredericksburg Academy, United States; Katie Dredger, Virginia Tech, United States; Megan Dixon, Lee-Davis High School, United States

    Geographically distant classrooms can be a ripe learning space for teacher educators who want to show preservice teachers the power of technology in the English classroom. A classroom teacher... More

    pp. 343-354

  2. The Challenge to Situate Digital Learning Technologies in Preservice Teacher Mathematics Education

    Susan McDonald, Australian Catholic University, Australia

    This paper focuses on how preservice primary teachers can be supported to embrace digital learning technologies (DLTs) in their teaching of mathematics. The nature of the instruction and the... More

    pp. 355-368

  3. Scaffolding With and Through Videos: An Example of ICT-TPACK

    Kathrin Otrel-Cass, Aalborg University, Denmark; Elaine Khoo & Bronwen Cowie, University of Waikato, New Zealand

    In New Zealand and internationally claims are being made about the potential for information and communication technologies (ICTs) to transform teaching and learning. However, the theoretical... More

    pp. 369-390

  4. An Examination of Teachers’ Ratings of Lesson Plans Using Digital Primary Sources

    Natalie Milman, George Washington University, United States; Rhonda Bondie, Fordham University, United States

    This mixed method study examined teachers’ ratings of 37 field-tested social studies lesson plans that incorporated digital primary sources through a grant from the Library of Congress Teaching... More

    pp. 391-407

  5. The Acceptability of Online Degrees: Principals and Hiring Practices in Secondary Schools

    Jonathan Adams & Sue Lee, The Florida State University, United States; Juliann Cortese, The Florida State University, United States

    A national survey of high school principals (N = 683) was used to assess the acceptability of job applicant qualifications that included degrees earned either online, partly online, or in a... More

    pp. 408-422

  6. Shared Viewing as an Approach to Transforming Early Field Experiences

    Tina Heafner & Michelle Plaisance, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, United States

    Although early field experiences are touted as vital for providing a hands-on preview of how teaching unfolds in the classroom, these essential components of teacher preparation programs have... More

    pp. 423-437