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Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education

December 2011 Volume 11, Number 4


Glen L. Bull; Lynn Bell; Chrystalla Mouza

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. They Teach Us How to Teach Them: Teacher Preparation for the 21st Century

    Carol Pope, Candy Beal, Sheryl Long & Lodge McCammon, North Carolina State University, United States

    This article describes an English language arts teacher preparation perspective that considers middle school students as part of the teacher educator team. Based on a recognized gap in the... More

    pp. 324-349

  2. Expanding the possibilities of discussion: A critical approach to the use of online discussion boards in the English classroom

    Sean Ruday, Longwood University, United States

    This paper focused on whether the use of online discussion boards can enhance the quality of interaction in the middle and high school English classroom, covering both the characteristics of online... More

    pp. 350-361

  3. Emergent Public Spaces: Generative Activities on Function Interpolation

    Guadalupe Carmona, The University of Texas at Austin, United States; Angeles Dominguez, Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico; Gladys Krause & Pablo Duran, The University of Texas at Austin, United States

    This study highlights ways in which generative activities may be coupled with network-based technologies in the context of teacher preparation to enhance preservice teachers’ cognizance of how... More

    pp. 362-381

  4. Using Online Social Networks to Foster Preservice Teachers’ Membership in a Networked Community of Praxis.

    Justin Reich, Meira Levinson & William Johnston, Harvard University, United States

    New social technologies offer new opportunities for creating online communities of praxis in the preparation of preservice teachers. In this design research study, 22 preservice teachers in a... More

    pp. 382-397

  5. A case study exploring the use of GarageBand™ and an electronic bulletin board in pre-service music education

    Vetta Vratulis, Saginaw Valley State University, United States

    This qualitative research study is an exploration of the merit and shortcomings of using a combination of the music software GarageBand™ and an electronic bulletin board to facilitate musical and... More

    pp. 398-419

  6. Using Digital Photographs to Stimulate a Group Portfolio Learning Journey

    Brad Meek & Philippa Buckley, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

    The use of portfolios in teacher education has grown in popularity over the last decade. Attempts to harness the potential of portfolios as a means to enhance learning and reflection have sometimes... More

    pp. 420-442