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Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education

December 2010 Volume 10, Number 4


Glen L. Bull; Lynn Bell; Chrystalla Mouza

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Editorial: AECT – SITE Collaboration Through the National Technology Leadership Coalition

    Michael Spector, AECT, United States; Gerald Knezek & Michael Searson, SITE, United States; Barbara Lockee, AECT, United States; Glen L. Bull, NTLC, United States

    The National Technology Leadership Coalition (NTLC) is a consortium established nearly a decade ago comprised of national teacher educator associations, national technology associations, not-for... More

    pp. 360-365

  2. Reflection Through Discomfort: What Resistance Reveals When Communication Technologies Mediate Authentic Writing Mentorships

    Allan Nail, Columbia College, United States; Jane Townsend, University of Florida, United States

    Students entering teacher preparation programs often exhibit a desire to be shown the magic bullet of teaching practice. When they fail to be presented with recipes for success, or when the... More

    pp. 366-382

  3. The Proof is in the Screencast

    Kathryn Shafer, Ball State University, United States

    This paper will present results from an action research study that incorporated two different technologies for the purpose of students valuing and communicating a geometric proof to their peers.... More

    pp. 383-410

  4. Promoting Creative Thinking and Expression of Science Concepts Among Elementary Teacher Candidates Through Science Content Movie Creation and Showcasing.

    Richard Hechter, University of Manitoba, Canada; Mark Guy, University of North Dakota, United States

    This article reports the phases of design and use of video editing technology as a medium for creatively expressing science content knowledge in an elementary science methods course. Teacher... More

    pp. 411-431

  5. Editorial Statement

    Scott DeWitt, University of Cincinnati, United States; Kathy Swan, University of Kentucky, United States

    As we take the reins of the Contemporary Issues in Technology and Social Studies Teacher Education, we would like to thank the executive board of the College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA) ... More

    pp. 432-434

  6. Helping Trainee Teachers Realize the Potential of Information and Communication Technology: A Case Study from Scottish History

    Peter Hillis, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom

    Due to the paucity of software in subjects such as history, it can be difficult for teacher educators in countries with small education markets to provide a vision to trainee teachers as to how... More

    pp. 435-456

  7. Preparing Teachers to Use Technology: Considerations from a Capstone Mathematics and Technology Course

    Kady Schneiter, Utah State University, United States

    Preparing preservice teachers to use technology appropriately in mathematics instruction is an important objective of mathematics teacher preparation programs. At Utah State University, this... More

    pp. 457-469