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AACE Review (formerly AACE Journal)

2000 Volume 1, Number 13

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. The Learning Environment of the 21st Century

    David S. Levin, DePaul University, United States; Talia K. Ben-Jacob, Cornell University, United States; Marion G. Ben-Jacob, Mercy College, United States

    A new year brings with it resolutions to improve and better situations. A new decade carries even greater promises of positive growth and enhancements. A new millennium, so rare an occurrence,... More

    pp. 8-12

  2. Going Online: Guidelines for Faculty in Higher Education

    Marie de Verneil & Zane L. Berge, UMBC, United States

    The need for life-long learning in a technologically driven, global economy, and the swift development in the past two decades of two-way, interactive communication systems have contributed to the... More

    pp. 13-32

  3. A Paradigm Shift: Technology Integration for Higher Education in the New Millennium

    Donna L. Rogers, Arkansas Tech University, United States

    According to the 1998 National Survey of Information Technology in Higher Education, integrating technology into instruction looms as the single most important issue confronting institutional... More

    pp. 19-33

  4. Get Wired, Go Digital Build a Web-Based Learning Community

    Arlene O’Leary, Dowling College, United States

    The challenges facing higher education due to increasing costs, declining enrollments, diverse learning styles of students, demands for accountability, rapid advances in information technology,... More

    pp. 28-32