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Distance Learning Methodologies. TRANSCOM Regulating and Command & Control Evacuation System (TRAC2ES)

Annual Distance Education Conference,


The TRANSCOM (Transportation Command) Regulating Command and Control Evacuation System (TRAC2ES), which applies state-of-the-art technology to manage global medical regulating (matching patients to clinical availability) and medical evacuation processes, will be installed at all Department of Defense medical locations globally. A combination of distance educational methodologies and traditional training will be used to help all staff members become proficient users of the TRAC2ES system. The training program will be designed to ensure that as many medical treatment facility staff as possible have a general understanding of the TRAC2ES system and patient affairs clerks are able to input patient and/or casualty information to initiate the process of regulating and evacuation. The training will ensure that trainees are able to use a computer, access the Internet, run the TRAC2ES system's medical planner, and access and use the system's patient-tracking site. Traditional classroom and laboratory instruction will be combined with the following distance education components: text and audio formats, videotapes, CD-ROM, online help, and videoteleconferencing. A central training facility will be established to produce the training materials, design the distance learning programs, and provide the interaction with students worldwide for initial and follow-up training. (MN)


Bloomquist, C.R. (1998). Distance Learning Methodologies. TRANSCOM Regulating and Command & Control Evacuation System (TRAC2ES). Presented at Annual Distance Education Conference 1998. Retrieved October 22, 2021 from .

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