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Outsourcing Project Management Services in the Public Sector

, , , , RACTI, Greece

International Journal for Digital Society Volume 1, Number 1, Publisher: Infonomics Society


The increasing demand for e-Goverment services has created considerable challenges for public administration, not only in terms of expertise and experience that are required in order to run development projects, but also from organizational, cultural and legal perspectives. In fact, the ongoing modernization of public administration functions is realized through a large number of complex and technology intensive projects. Most of them are co-financed by the European Union within the framework of Community Development Programmes. The need for effective implementation of such projects in compliance with the European Commission (EC) directives and for the seamless integration of their outcomes into the organizational structure, has driven public administration officials to seek alternative means for enhancing the operational effectiveness of departments involved in project implementation and for supporting functions related to the utilization of project results and change management. This paper describes a certain case study on outsourcing practice in the Greek Public Sector.


Vagelatos, A., Tsaknakis, H., Foskolos, F. & Komninos, T. (2010). Outsourcing Project Management Services in the Public Sector. International Journal for Digital Society, 1(1), 43-52. Infonomics Society. Retrieved April 3, 2020 from .