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Technology Advanced Quality Learning for all - EDUsummIT 2015 Summary Report

, University of Otago College of Education, New Zealand

Published . Publisher: EDUsummIT, Bangkok, Thailand.


This ebook is a collection of summary reports of the thematic working groups (TWGs) of EDUsummIT 2015 working on aspects of the overall Summit theme “Technology advanced quality learning for all”. In nine TWGs the following themes have been discussed: 1) Smart partnerships; 2) Advancing mobile learning in formal and informal settings; 3) Professional development for policy makers, school leaders and teachers; 4) Addressing gaps and promoting educational equity; 5) Assessment as, for and of learning; 6) Creativity in a technology enhanced curriculum; 7) Indicators of quality technology-enhanced teaching and learning; 8) Digital citizenship and cyberwellness; 9) Curriculum - advancing understanding of the roles of CS/Informatics in the curriculum. EDUsummIT (International Summit on ICT in Education) is a global knowledge building community of researchers, educational practitioners, and policy makers committed to supporting the effective integration of research and practice in the field of ICT in education. Close to 90 researchers, policy makers, and educational practitioners attended EDUsummIT 2015 in Bangkok. These participants came from 35 countries


Lai, Editor, K.­. (Ed.). (2015). Technology Advanced Quality Learning for all - EDUsummIT 2015 Summary Report. Bangkok, Thailand: EDUsummIT. Retrieved December 6, 2022 from .