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2021 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report Teaching and Learning Edition

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Published . Publisher: EDU, Boulder, CO.


The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the higher education landscape. Though it remains to be seen whether those transformations have taken root and will persist into the future, it isn’t hard to imagine that higher education may never be the same in some important ways (good or bad). Indeed, the potential lasting effects of the pandemic loomed large in our Horizon panelists’ discussions and nominations this year as they identified the trends, technologies, and practices shaping the future of teaching and learning. This report summarizes the results of those discussions and nominations and serves as one vantage point on where our post-pandemic future may be headed. This project was grounded in a modified Delphi methodology that seeks to elevate the collective perspectives and knowledge of a diverse group of experts, and the panelists’ activities were facilitated using tools adapted from the Institute for the Future.


Pelletier, K., Brown, M., Brooks, D.C., McCormack, M., Reeves, J., Arbino, N., Bozkurt, A., Crawford, S., Czerniewicz, L., Gibson, R., Linder, K., Mason, J. & Mondelli, V. (2021). 2021 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report Teaching and Learning Edition. Boulder, CO: EDU. Retrieved December 11, 2023 from .