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A Fuzzy Approach for Ranking of Student's Expectation From a Technical Institute

, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Raipur, Raipur, India ; , NIT Raipur, Raipur, India

IJSEUS Volume 10, Number 2, ISSN 2574-8254 Publisher: IGI Global


Due to high competition and less employability in the technical education sector, quality in technical education has turned out to be most extreme imperative criteria to deliver better educational services. For this reason, it is required to screen the expectation of the customer of the education sector for fulfilling their needs. With aim of this, this article first illustrates the identification of the customer of the education sector, then their expectations from an institute and finally a detailed ranking of each expectation which has been done. For the ranking of student's expectations, various authors have used a number of multi-criteria decision-making methods, but the vagueness of the result was not being handled in their research. Therefore, in this study, a fuzzy approach has been used to rank the various expectations of customers. The result of the study indicates that among all student expectations, the job-oriented expectation is the most important expectation and further, an ergonomics-based expectation and a sports-based expectation are the least important expectations of the students.


Singh, A. & Rawani, A. (2019). A Fuzzy Approach for Ranking of Student's Expectation From a Technical Institute. International Journal of Smart Education and Urban Society, 10(2), 41-52. IGI Global. Retrieved September 28, 2021 from .