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Methodology in Training Future Technology and Engineering Teachers in the USA


Comparative Professional Pedagogy Volume 7, Number 3,


In the article, the defined problem has been justified and the significance of studying foreign experience in training future technology and engineering teachers in the USA has been determined. Particular attention has been paid to explanation of methods and forms of organization of future technology and engineering teachers' training in the USA. The authors have considered Education Technology Standards, developed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), that are used as reference points and determine the minimum amount of training as well as electives. In addition, there have been outlined such training techniques as microteaching, reflective teaching, the simulation method that allow involving the students into real teaching rather than role-playing; decrease complexity of pedagogical actions through ensuring acquisition of specific skills needed for the teacher in order to form experience of pedagogical interaction. It has been found out that in order to prove themselves during the first year of study in a higher education institution the students create their own web pages and portfolios that consist of working portfolio, showcase portfolio and documentation portfolio. It has been established that mini courses are actively used to help future technology and engineering teachers acquire necessary pedagogical skills. Based on analysis of the research findings, the authors have concluded that counseling or mentoring as forms of training greatly contribute to personal development of both students and their mentor as well as effective collaboration between school and university staff. It has been identified that enhancing effectiveness of teaching practice in American higher education institutions ensures involving clinical professors who monitor, guide and assess teaching practice of future specialists.


Androshchuk, I. & Androshchuk, I. (2017). Methodology in Training Future Technology and Engineering Teachers in the USA. Comparative Professional Pedagogy, 7(3), 70-74. Retrieved October 17, 2021 from .

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