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Guidelines for the Design of Location-Based Audio for Mobile Learning

, , , , University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

IJMBL Volume 3, Number 4, ISSN 1941-8647 Publisher: IGI Global


A consistent finding of research into mobile learning guides and outdoor learning games has been the value of audio as a medium of communication. This paper discusses the value of location-based and movement-sensitive audio for learning. Three types of audio learning experience are distinguished, based primarily upon differing levels of narrative cohesion: audio vignettes, movement-based guides and mobile narratives. An analysis of projects in these three areas has resulted in the formulation of guidelines for the design of audio experiences. A case study of a novel audio experience, called ‘A Chaotic Encounter,’ delivers an adaptive story based on the pattern of movements of the user.


Sharples, M., FitzGerald, E., Jones, R. & Priestnall, G. (2011). Guidelines for the Design of Location-Based Audio for Mobile Learning. International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning, 3(4), 70-85. IGI Global. Retrieved May 14, 2021 from .