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iRecruit: A Function for Recruitment using C4.5 Classification Technique

, University of the East, Caloocan, Philippines

IJTEM Volume 4, Number 1, ISSN 2155-5605 Publisher: IGI Global


This paper discusses the implementation of C4.5 classification technique in a marketing function. It also serves as a method to determine the possible hit rate in tertiary institutions. The use of C4.5 algorithm as a classification technique made a big effect in identifying which records among the bulk of data should be grouped accordingly considering the criteria stipulated by the user. The Decision Tree (DT) generated by the method was parsed from the root to its corresponding sub tree and was used as an input to create the query statements. These query statements however were executed to automatically filter the historical data and come up with the list of potential institutions for enrollment. The tool enables the marketing department of every educational organization to find an effective and efficient way of identifying the potential market for recruitment. It aims to increase the number of enrollees and limit the utilization of other resources. The tool is beneficial to the Education Data Mining (EDM), an emerging technology at present time in terms of recruitment.


Abaya, S. (2014). iRecruit: A Function for Recruitment using C4.5 Classification Technique. International Journal of Technology and Educational Marketing, 4(1), 86-94. IGI Global. Retrieved August 4, 2020 from .