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The Usefulness of Learning Objects in Industry Oriented Learning Environments

, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka ; , University of Groningen ; , Georgia State University, United States

IJVPLE Volume 3, Number 2, ISSN 1947-8518 Publisher: IGI Global


A model is presented to evaluate the usefulness of learning objects for industry oriented learning environments that emphasise training university graduates for job opportunities in a competitive industry oriented economy. Knowledge workers of the industry seek continuous professional development to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. Many of the desired features of learning objects and facilities of e-learning systems can be realized in a framework that combines usefulness, usage, and usability. This model on the usefulness of learning objects, called Learning Objects Evaluation Model (LOEM), defines the concepts: academic level specificity, field specificity, industry specificity, operational specificity, and reusability specificity. It also defines an index, called Learning Objects Specificity Index (LOSI) that helps course developers in a course design and development process to assess the usefulness of learning objects.


Fernando, S., Sol, H. & Dahanayake, A. (2012). The Usefulness of Learning Objects in Industry Oriented Learning Environments. International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments, 3(2), 1-20. IGI Global. Retrieved October 27, 2021 from .