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Taxonomy of Students’ Use of The iPad in Education: A Pilot

IJELLO Volume 11, Number 1, ISSN 1552-2237 Publisher: Informing Science Institute


This study attempts to present the variety of possible uses for iPads, in the learning process. The objective is to evaluate a unique implementation model that was tried out at a teacher training college in Israel. The methodology is based on a qualitative research paradigm. The findings show that students\u2019 use the iPads in various contexts: (a) for ongoing personal use; (b) for planning lessons; (c) for active integration in the classroom; and (d) for reading and developing content and games. These findings are summarized in a chart that shows the different uses as levels in a hierarchical taxonomy. Analysis of the iPad\u2019s pedagogical uses may shed light on the various skills students need to acquire in order to become teachers in 21st century. In addition, understanding the various iPad uses and their frequency can affect decision-making at the level of policy in the field of implementation of the use of mobile technologies in educational institutions.


Eyal, L. (2015). Taxonomy of Students’ Use of The iPad in Education: A Pilot. Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects, 11(1), 67-84. Informing Science Institute. Retrieved January 25, 2020 from .