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Virtual Learning: Possibilities and Realization

Education and Information Technologies Volume 21, Number 6, ISSN 1360-2357


In the article it was important to consider two basic moments i.e., impact mode of using virtual environment at training process within one faculty of the University, directly at training quality and what outcomes can be reached therewith. The work significance consists of studying the virtual environment effect instead of traditional educational outlook and on-lining training in pedagogical sphere. We consider virtual (digital) educational resources, their potential adaptation to trainee's personality and realization during academic process at the university. Virtual training at the university is a total of virtual educational resource. Information and educational interaction exists in the process of subjects and objects interrelation. An integration of information and pedagogical technologies takes place in the process of subjects and objects interrelation. Herein the training is connected with such human activity spheres as intellectual, cultural, emotional, social.


Kerimbayev, N. (2016). Virtual Learning: Possibilities and Realization. Education and Information Technologies, 21(6), 1521-1533. Retrieved August 5, 2020 from .

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