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Development of Capstone Project Attitude Scales

Education and Information Technologies Volume 20, Number 3, ISSN 1360-2357


This study attempted to develop valid and reliable Capstone Project Attitude Scales (CPAS). Among the scales reviewed, the Modified Fennema-Shermann Mathematics Attitude Scales was adapted in the construction of the CPAS. Usefulness, Confidence, and Gender View were the three subscales of the CPAS. Four hundred sixty-three students answered the questionnaire. The validity of the scales was ensured through pilot testing and factor analysis with a threshold value of at least 0.50. Meanwhile, the reliability of the items was determined through Cronbach's alpha analysis. All items with Cronbach's alpha value of less than 0.70 were discarded. It was shown that Usefulness, Confidence, and Gender View had Cronbach's alpha values of 0.837, 0.748, and 0.818, respectively. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was utilized to confirm the model and discriminant validity was used to find out if each of the constructs was unique in itself. It was also revealed that the measurement model of the revised scales provided a good fit (CFI?=?0.97; AGFI?=?0.94; RMSEA?=?0.038) and the constructs were distinct from one another. From the initial draft of the questionnaire with 47 items, only 15 items were retained. Nonetheless, CPAS was able to capture more than 50 % (%cumulative variance?=?57 %) of the attitudes exhibited by the students in Capstone Project. Implications and directions for future research that could be derived from this study were also presented.


Bringula, R.P. (2015). Development of Capstone Project Attitude Scales. Education and Information Technologies, 20(3), 485-504. Retrieved August 13, 2020 from .

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