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A testing system for diagnosing misconceptions in DC electric circuits

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Computers & Education Volume 31, Number 2, ISSN 0360-1315 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


A testing-based diagnosing system is implemented. The system has a problem library that collects some suitable problems and associated answers. The answers of each problem are related to misconceptions. Problem selector in the system provides some problems to test student. Based on the student's answers, the diagnoser in the system will discriminate the student's misconceptions. The problem selector and the diagnoser are implemented with matrix operations. For evaluating the performance of the system, the topic of basic DC electricity is used as the subject domain. There are nine types of misconceptions found in basic electricity. Based on the experimental results, the system has the satisfactory diagnosis.


Chang, K.E., Liu, S.H. & Chen, S.W. (1998). A testing system for diagnosing misconceptions in DC electric circuits. Computers & Education, 31(2), 195-210. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved May 18, 2022 from .

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