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Implementation of three-dimensional visualization in interactive Web-based environment for engineering education and technical training

, The University of Oklahoma, United States

The University of Oklahoma . Awarded


The main focus of this research is to develop, experiment with, and demonstrate the concept of using the latest potential technology with web-based three-dimensional graphics supportive capability that can bring more efficiency and convenience to the world of web-based engineering education and technical training. The unique feature and technique that is used in this research to make a significant improvement in web-based environments for training in engineering and technology is the introduction of Shockwave 3D technology. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Shockwave 3D technology, illustration environments have been developed. In order to reach the entire objectives of this research, two environments are presented. The first environment, which is called the CSD System, concentrates on technical training and the other one, namely the 3D Dynamics System, focuses on engineering education.

The first system, the CSD System is not only an illustration environment, but also an actual system that has been built for Tinker Air Force Base (AFB). The main purpose of Tinker AFB having this web-based environment developed is to provide a flexible and effective training system that is accessible as a resourceful, stimulating, attractive, and challenging training method to serve a number of personnel simultaneously, while catching the attention of personnel, which is the utmost concern. Tinker AFB intends to use this interactive web-based training system to guide and instruct its base personnel to perform the specific Aircraft Part Maintenance and Assembly Process procedures properly. The other demonstration, the 3D Dynamics System is an interactive web-based educational environment developed to assist the student in learning basic concepts in Engineering Dynamics concentrating on the topic of Three-dimensional Rigid Body Motion .

Moreover, in order to clearly understand the development of these two innovative systems, the details of the web-based training system developed for Tinker AFB, namely the EM/C135 System, are discussed first. Since this system is considered the foundation system for the demonstration environments, especially, for the 3D Dynamics System, which is an extended section of the EM/C135 System. This system is the development of an interactive web-based training system that incorporates the capabilities of different Internet technologies to provide a cohesive, independent and self-contained environment that can aid in learning for both military and civilian personnel at Tinker AFB through inclusion of training material for environmental engineering and aircraft maintenance instruction. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)


Nisagornsen, C. Implementation of three-dimensional visualization in interactive Web-based environment for engineering education and technical training. Ph.D. thesis, The University of Oklahoma. Retrieved July 31, 2021 from .

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