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Simulations as real-time integration of information: "Covalence", an Organic Chemistry game

, University of Southern California, United States

University of Southern California . Awarded


College-level Organic Chemistry classes can be overwhelming to their students. In addition to learning a relatively large amount of information, students have to learn to read multiple visual models and use them to understand subtle differences in the science. In making the puzzle game Covalence to address Organic Chemistry education, I decided to focus on three aspects of the subject's education – Hidden information in the various visual models, the lack of integration of these representations into a 3D representation of Chemical phenomena, and an atom-based view of the molecules and how they contribute to the field's subtle issues.

This paper discusses various traditional visual models taught in Organic Chemistry classes, devising a new visual model to bring out hidden information in these traditional models, and designing levels based on known reactions and their consequences, to illustrate Organic Chemistry's elegance and subtlety.


Mathias, J. Simulations as real-time integration of information: "Covalence", an Organic Chemistry game. Master's thesis, University of Southern California. Retrieved February 5, 2023 from .

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