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Acessing technology: Paving the way to academic success for students with disabilities

, University of Guelph , Canada

University of Guelph . Awarded


This thesis is an investigation of the role of assistive technology and support services in the post-secondary education of students with disabilities, a particularly important and timely topic, since Canadians with disabilities have traditionally been disadvantaged with regard to levels of employment and income. A descriptive research project that is framed within a symbolic interactionist perspective, this study involves the analysis of original data gained through 30 semi-structured interviews with disabled students at the University of Guelph. Variables that were hypothesized to impact equal academic opportunity for students with special needs are: age, semester level, disability type, technological skill level, family support, level of technological awareness, access to technology, and access to support services. A quantitative analysis of data gained from the interview process was performed via frequencies and crosstabulations in order to determine the presence and/or absence of correlations and the significance of these relationships.


Stepien, A.M. Acessing technology: Paving the way to academic success for students with disabilities. Master's thesis, University of Guelph. Retrieved July 31, 2021 from .

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