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An exploration of technology implementation and soldier academic achievement at a military installation

, Capella University, United States

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Training and educating the U.S. military is an enormous enterprise. In excess of $20 billion is spent to train and educate service members each year (Wisher, 2007, Distance Learning Today). As ongoing technological advancements continue to place knowledge at a premium, educators in military training environments must find answers in helping Soldiers keep pace in a knowledge-based society. Much of the answer can be found in transforming the way soldiers learn through technology-integrated curriculum. The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between instructional technology integration and the academic achievement of soldiers in a military training environment. The study used a mixed methods approach consisting of qualitative data in the form of instructor interviews and classroom observations, and quantitative data with the use of an instructor technology survey and numerical data of soldiers' cumulative end of course grades. Sixty instructors were asked to participate in this research study and 39 instructors qualified to participate. Four research themes were explored concerning instructor use of technology and its effect on soldier academic scores: (a) instructional technology needs for classroom activities and curricula, (b) instructor perceptions about instructional technologies, (c) correlations between instructors' perceptions about instructional technologies and their use of technologies in the classroom, and (d) correlations between instructional technology application and soldier academic scores. The research suggests that instructors' application of instructional technology in their classrooms had no effect on soldier academic scores; perceptions about when to use technology, selecting the appropriate technology, and levels of technology application should become secondary to the primary instruction within the curriculum.


Gray, J.K. An exploration of technology implementation and soldier academic achievement at a military installation. Ph.D. thesis, Capella University. Retrieved August 4, 2021 from .

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