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A blended solution to address leadership issues in the public sector

, Royal Roads University , Canada

Royal Roads University . Awarded


My Sponsor wanted me to do some research, in order to analyse, and identify possible options to address some of their leadership issues. As a starting point in this project, the following research questions helped guide me to identify some possible options to address the leadership issues in this organization: How can the organization help its leaders to acquire just-in-time knowledge and skills to successfully transform themselves in order to deliver results to Canadians in an efficient and effective manner? (1) Are there any other current initiatives going on in the organization that might either support or impede the success of the organization's restructuring? (2) Does the organization need to change its leadership model? If so, what leadership model would be most appropriate for the organization's culture? (3) What competencies (knowledge and skills) do the leaders in the organization need to acquire to lead in the 21st century? (4) What needs to happen to bridge the gap (current and future state)? (5) What do other public sector organizations do for leadership development? (6) Is distributed learning used? (7) What DL methodologies would be suitable to address some of their leadership issues? (8) How can distributed learning be adopted to address some of their leadership issues in the organization? (Abstract shortened by UMI.)


Fabian, B.A. A blended solution to address leadership issues in the public sector. Master's thesis, Royal Roads University. Retrieved August 2, 2021 from .

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