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A diffusion of innovation model modified for educational technology working with coaches and physical education teachers

, University of Calgary , Canada

University of Calgary . Awarded


The investigation had two major goals. The first was to explore the status of the adoption of computerized technology in the fields of teaching and coaching volleyball. The motivation for conducting this research comes from the lack of studies exclusively carried out to explore the status of technology in the field of physical education and sport coaching.

The results showed that using computers for general purposes has already diffused almost completely. However, the picture is different with regard to the specific use of computers within physical education and sport, where more than half of the Late Majority and all the Laggards are still not using them. Additionally, the most popular applications used by teachers and coaches are general ones (e.g., word-processing, spreadsheets). Not many are using specific applications designed to assist teachers and coaches in carrying out unique assignments.

The second goal of the investigation was to study the process of the diffusion of innovation; and, more specifically, to learn about the role of several external factors within the diffusion of the innovation paradigm (Rogers, 1995). While in recent years many studies have focused on the input of perceived attributes of the innovation on the adoption process (e.g., Davis, Bagozzi, & Warshaw, 1989), the research on the importance of an individuals' characteristics is relativity virgin. A modified model (based on the diffusion of innovation and technology acceptance models) has been developed and was used to test external factors that may affect one's decision to adopt or reject the innovation, as well as its implementation. The hypotheses related to the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and the relationship between innovation attributes and intention to adopt an innovation were supported. Additionally, specific attitude towards using computers within sports and physical education, professional innovativeness and formal education level were found to affect the characteristic of innovation and indirectly intention. Validation of the suggested model with a larger sample is recommended. This will allow exploration of more variables and their reciprocal relationships.


Liebermann, T. A diffusion of innovation model modified for educational technology working with coaches and physical education teachers. Ph.D. thesis, University of Calgary. Retrieved February 17, 2020 from .

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