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A school violence tutorial training program

, Alliant International University, San Diego, United States

Alliant International University, San Diego . Awarded


The problem. The purpose of this project is to develop a computer-based training tutorial that quickly aids educators, parents and students in the identification of the warning signs associated with potential school place violence incidents and provides recommendations to their prevention. School place violence has existed over the years and has not received much attention until attacks such as those at Columbine and Santana High Schools. The warning signs leading up to these incidents were present, however, teachers and parents who had some form of direct contact with the perpetrators, did not recognize the warning signs, nor did they know where to look. Existing training programs can be costly and require a lot of time and possible travel to a designated training location. Computer-based training, although more convenient in that travel and scheduled classroom time are essentially eliminated, could still be lengthy, requiring up to four hours on the computer. Teachers, parents and students or those on the “front lines” do not necessarily need detailed lessons in behavioral sciences, but only need enough knowledge to know what the warning signs are and when to go for help.

Method. This project reviews past incidences of both workplace and school place violence and then examines behavioral research as to the motivation of the perpetrators to carry out the attacks. Based on the behavioral research, specific warning signs of potential attacks are identified for the purpose of aiding educators and others in taking preventative measures.

Results. A computer-based tutorial program was developed, targeted specifically for educators, parents and students who have had little or no training in behavioral sciences and would have direct, daily contact with possible perpetrators. The program is a series of narrated screen presentations that present past incidences of school violence including the associated warning signs, ten key findings into the behavioral characteristics that are indicative of the warning signs of a potential attack and some recommendations to provide a safer school environment.


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