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Developing a Christian worship service based on multimedia and its application to I-Su Evangelical Holiness Church

, Drew University, United States



This dissertation examines church renewal implemented through a multimedia-based worship service. The specific purpose is to explore the impact of a multimedia-based worship service for the congregation of the I-Su Evangelical Holiness Church and orienting the congregation toward a dialogical, participatory, and integrative worship service.

It has been observed that the modern mind tended to emphasize individualistic and exclusive characteristics, whereas on the other hand, the postmodern mind tends to focus on inclusive and communal characteristics. The Christian service, in this regard, needs to cater to this pluralistic character of the postmodern society. Through the use of various instruments, dancing, and a multimedia-based worship service, the church can communicate the truth of the Christian message more effectively to the congregation than it has previously done.

Initially at I-Su church, the use of multimedia for worship services was limited in its scope. Upon investigating the degree of congregational satisfaction, both positive and negative reactions from the congregation were noted. Most church members, especially new members, as well as the middle-aged and older members, tended to feel stable and comfortable with the use of multimedia. The younger generation, however, tended to feel unsatisfied because the use of multimedia was limited. The former group seems to be satisfied with the minimal change from the traditional worship service, while the younger generation strongly advocates its wider use. Based on the above reflection, I-Su church aims to develop a worship service with more balanced content and form, focusing on a harmony between traditional and modern and between the preferences of the old and the young.

In conclusion, the use of multimedia in the worship service, when it was carefully designed, led the entire membership of the I-Su church to a more participatory, bilateral worship service.


Lim, B.W. Developing a Christian worship service based on multimedia and its application to I-Su Evangelical Holiness Church. Ph.D. thesis,. Retrieved August 5, 2021 from .

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