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Notions and practices of spirituality: An etiology of technology, education, and teacher preparation

, New Mexico State University, United States

Doctor of Philosophy, New Mexico State University . Awarded


With the rapidly increasing utilization of electronic technology in the conduct of daily instructional pedagogy, and the increasing interface through machines and technology, it is important to look at the big picture of how educators are leading young learners towards the paradigm of technology integration. It has been said that computers are changing our relationships to one another and planet Earth without an understanding of spirituality, technology and education, that we are still coming to terms with cyberspace, and it is too soon to tell which way we are heading. Is it toward destruction or transcendence and transformation?

This study looks at self-identified spiritual notions and practices of teachers, stakeholders, and the possible implications to the community of educational learning technologies (EDLT), and to teacher education programs. The inquiry attempts to fill a lacuna in the educational literature by encouraging a dialogue that addresses spiritual considerations, in general terms, within the realm of technology usage for educational purposes. As educators concerned with nurturing young learners in the ways of dignity respect, love, and community, as well as in the love of learning and developing higher order thinking, many of us are both gladdened and saddened by the proliferation of machines in the classroom. Is there reason to be wary of a growth in mechanization that can be unheeded and undetected? Is there a place for spiritual reflectivity on the part of stakeholders in the teaching and learning? Through an increased consciousness, teachers may be sensitized to tap into the affective domain, teaching from the heart as well as the mind, and be more mindful of love, compassion, caring, humility, respect, and justice—in essence, for more humanity in EDLT education.


Adeogba, E.S. Notions and practices of spirituality: An etiology of technology, education, and teacher preparation. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, New Mexico State University. Retrieved July 30, 2021 from .

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