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International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC)

Feb 18, 2011 Volume 4, Number 1


David Guralnick

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. A Model for Improving the Quality of Student Internship Placements in Engineering Degrees

    Rafael Garcia & Jordi Puig, Polytechnic School, University of Girona, Spain

    Work Internship Placements (WIP) is a new and transversal enterprise internships programme, which is focused on quality improvement, academic control and satisfaction of collaborating enterprises. ... More

    pp. 4-11

  2. Designing and Implementing a Navicat Database System for a Call Center

    Thair Hamtini & Osama Rababah, The University of Jordan, Jordan

    A call center is a physical place where customer and other telephone calls are handled by an organization, usually with some amount of computer automation. Typically, a call center has the capacity... More

    pp. 12-17

  3. Applying Participatory Methods to Address Motivational Aspects in Informal Workplace

    Teresa Holocher, Barbara Kieslinger & Claudia Fabian, Centre for Social Innovation, Austria

    Motivational aspects are core to successful knowledge sharing and collaborative learning experiences. However, it still remains one of the great challenges to overcome motivational barriers when it... More

    pp. 18-24

  4. Bringing the Everyday Life into Engineering Education

    Gert Pasman, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

    Abstract— To successfully design and engineer solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s rapidly changing and expanding global contexts, in which people are confronted with new opportunities and... More

    pp. 25-31

  5. A New Vision for Evaluating the Quality of E-Commerce Websites

    Osama Rababah, Muhannad Al-Shboul & Rizik Al-Sayyed, The University of Jordan, Jordan

    Quality has been established as a key factor in ensuring the success of E-commerce in attracting and retaining customers. To help in this, numerous software metrics and website quality models have ... More

    pp. 32-41