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International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies

May 20, 2020 Volume 14, Number 8

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 14

  1. The Effectiveness of Using Mobile Learning Techniques to Improve Learning Outcomes in Higher Education

    Hosam El-Sofany, King Khalid University; Nahla El-Haggar

    Recently Mobile technology is considered an effective way to improve students' skills such as positive thinking, collaborative, communication, as well as it is considered the main part of major... More

    pp. 4-18

  2. ìSPEAK: Using Mobile-Based Online Learning Course to Learn ‘English for the Workplace’

    Karmila M. Rafiq, Harwati Hashim, Melor Md Yunus & Helmi Norman, National University of Malaysia (UKM)

    Due to the rise of the digital era, various industries demand employees with a proficient communicative English skills, but many are still not up to par with the demands. One solution for this is... More

    pp. 19-31

  3. Mobile Simulator Control System for Isolating Breathing Apparatus of Software-Hardware Platform

    Artem Obukhov, Denis Dedov, Alexander Siukhin & Alexey Arkhipov, Tambov State Technical University

    The current problem in the process of training miners is to ensure the mobility and the ability to perform exercises not only on simulators, but also in real conditions of the mine. Therefore, the ... More

    pp. 32-42

  4. A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Methods for Automatic Classification of Academic and Vocational Guidance Questions

    Omar Zahour, El Benlahmar, Ahmed Eddaouim & Oumaima Hourrane, Laboratory of Information Technology and Modeling Hassan II University, Faculty of Sciences Ben M'SIK, Casablanca, Morocco., Morocco

    Academic and vocational guidance is a particularly important issue today, as it strongly determines the chances of successful integration into the labor market, which has become increasingly... More

    pp. 43-60

  5. The Total Network Capacity of Wireless Mesh Networks for IoT Applications

    El Ar-Reyouchi, Abdelmalek Essaadi University and SNRT Tetouan, Rabat, Morocco; Yousra Lamrani, Imane Benchaib & Kamal Ghoumid, ENSAO, Mohammed I University Oujda, Morocco; Salma Rattal, FSTM Hassan II University Casablanca, Morocco

    Computing and measuring the total capacity of a data network are a remarkably difficult problem. These metrics are directly linked to the available bandwidth to each wireless internet of things ... More

    pp. 61-75

  6. Antecedents That Influence the Intention to Use the Uber Mobile Application: Customer Perspectives in South Africa

    Eugine Maziriri, Univeristy of the Witwatersrand; Miston Mapuranga, The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management,; Justice Mushwana, Regenesys Business School, Johannesburg, South Africa; Nkosivile Madinga, University of Cape Town

    In today’s postmodern era, there is phenomenal growth in the use of smartphones, GPS as well as Internet. This has given a rise to a revolution in the business world and the revolution is focused... More

    pp. 76-96

  7. Development of ICMLS Version 2 (Integrated Communication and Mobile Laboratory Simulator) To Improve 4.0 Century Industry Skills in Vocational Schools

    Deni Darmawan, Lecture

    The focus of this research was to develop an "ICMLS (Integrated Communication Mobile Laboratory Simulator)" in the form of mobile laboratories innovations for vocational teachers and students of... More

    pp. 97-113

  8. Development of Online Teachers-Student Consultation Application

    Eliza Ayo & Dianne Montero, Centro Escolar University; Dianne Dote, St. Jude College Manila; Liza Villanueva, Perpetual Help College; Celia Verano, Arellano University

    This research presents the development of online teachers-students consultation application. A need assessment was conducted to determine what subjects, which activities, respondents’ preference... More

    pp. 114-125

  9. Quality of Experience in Mobile Applications: A Systematic Mapping of Metrics and Tools

    Antonio Collazo Garcia, CIT Santa Cruz - CONICET; Sandra Casas, Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral (UNPA)

    Context: Quality of Experience (QoE) enables the description of user perceptions about the performance of a particular application or service. In the mobile computing context, it is an important... More

    pp. 126-139

  10. Experimental Verification of two Theoretical Solutions of the Pendulum for Large Angles in Frequency Domain for Teaching Support

    Yeison Garcés-Gómez, Paula López Jimenez, Oscar Cárdenas Delgado & Vladimir Henao Cespedes, Universidad Católica de Manizales; Nicolás Toro García, Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Sede Manizales

    During pendulum analysis, the approximation for small angles is usually performed as a simple harmonic motion. However, for large angles, this approximation is not convenient so exact solutions are... More

    pp. 140-149

  11. Smartphone Technology Applications for Milkfish Image Segmentation Using OpenCV Library

    Akhmad Qashlim, Department of Information System, Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Al Asyariah Mandar, Polewali Mandar, Indonesia; Basri Basri, Informatics Engineering Department, Universitas Al Asyariah Mandar, West Sulawesi, Indonesia; Haeruddin Haeruddin, Department of Agribusiness, Universitas Al Asyariah Mandar, West Sulawesi, Indonesia; Ardan Ardan, Department of Information System, Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Al Asyariah Mandar, Polewali Mandar, Indonesia; Inggrid Nurtanio, Informatics Engineering Department, Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar, Indonesia; Amil Ilham, Electrical Engineering Department, Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar, Indone-sia

    This research presents the use of smartphone technology to assist fisheries work. Specifically, we designed an Android application that utilizes a camera connected to the internet to detect RGB... More

    pp. 150-163

  12. ASDSR: An Adaptive Stable DSR Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

    Hutaf Natoureah, Hashemite University - Zarqa-Jordan, Jordan; Huda Karajeh, The University of Jordan -Amman-Jordan, Jordan; Alaa' Abu Serhan, Hashemite University of Jordan- Zarqa- Jordan, Jordan

    Abstract—The process of finding a route between the transmitter and the receiver node in the Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANets) is a renewed issue that is becoming more and more interesting to the... More

    pp. 164-182

  13. Fostering Student’s Critical Thinking through a Virtual Reality Laboratory

    Jaslin Ikhsan, Kristian Sugiyarto & Tiwi Astuti, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

    Virtual reality (VR) laboratory is great potential for education. It is recognized as a technological advance that can facilitate a learning process through the development of highly realistic 3D... More

    pp. 183-195

  14. A Novel Greedy Forwarding Mechanism Based on Density, Speed and Direction Parameters for Vanets

    Amina Bengag, Asmae Bengag & Mohamed Elboukhari, MATSI Lab, ESTO, University Mohamed 1st Oujda, Morocco

    In the recent years, the study and developments of networks that do not depend on any pre-existing infrastructure have been very popular. Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) belong to the class of... More

    pp. 196-204