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International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies

May 06, 2020 Volume 14, Number 7

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 9

  1. Perceptions of ImmerseMe Virtual Reality Platform to Improve English Communicative Skills in Higher Education

    Juan Bendeck Soto, Diana Toro Ocampo, Lued Beltrán Colon & Alejandro Valencia Oropesa, Corporación Universitaria Remington

    The main objective of this project was to evaluate the impact of the application of the virtual reality platform ImmerseMe as an empowering and innovative tool for learning English in a private... More

    pp. 4-19

  2. Mobile Based Sharing Class Presentation Display Management

    Junrie Matias, College of Computing and Information Sciences, Caraga State University; Narciso Batingal, Alvin Cuasito & Jenifer Tumalaytay, Caraga State University – Main Campus, Butuan City, Philippines

    In this paper, we present an application that helps the teachers in identifying slow learners in a class; similarly, the system will help slow learners cope up with their fast learner peers.... More

    pp. 20-31

  3. Design and Implementation of a Smart Traffic Light Management System Controlled Wirelessly by Arduino

    Abdul Alaidi, Ibtisam Aljazaery, Haider Alrikabi, Ibrahim Mahmood & Faisal Abed

    In Iraq, the number of people who own vehicles has grown up significantly. However, this increment in vehicles number doesn’t accomplished by a study of roads and intersections expansion. As a... More

    pp. 32-40

  4. Social Media Usage for Enhancing English Language Skill

    E. Anwas, Center of Curriculum and Books, Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia; Yuni Sugiarti, Sciences and Technologies Faculty, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta, In-donesia; Anggraeni Permatasari, Center of Curriculum and Books, Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia; Jaka Warsihna, Open University, Indonesia; Zulfikri Anas, Leli Alhapip & Heni Siswanto, Center of Curriculum and Books, Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia; Rahmi Rivalina, Center of Curriculum and Books, Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia., Indonesia

    One of the obstacles of learning English Language as a Foreign Language is the limitation of practicing media. Social media has many contents and facilities which can be used for practicing English... More

    pp. 41-57

  5. Understanding Online Reading Dispositions from the Perspective of Saudi EFL Learners

    Eyhab Yaghi, English Lecturer, Coordinator of Learning Affairs, Preparatory Year Deanship, Majmaah Univeristy; Amelia Abdullah, Program Chairperson for B.Ed (TESOL), School of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains of Malaysia

    Our knowledge of online reading dispositions is based on limited data. The optimal aim of this paper is to find out the online reading disposition that might take place when EFL students read... More

    pp. 73-87

  6. Virtual Trainer for Mobile Augmented Reality Based Electrical Lighting Installation

    Moh Khairudin, M Iskandar & Istanto Djatmiko, Dept. of Electrical Engineering Education, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Indonesia; Irdayanti Nashir, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia

    Virtual Trainer of Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) -based Electrical Lighting Installation is a technology that can be utilized as a substitute for conventional trainers to modern virtual-based... More

    pp. 104-114

  7. Design and Implementation of P2P Based Mobile App for Collaborative Learning in Higher Education

    Asmae Blilat & Abdelali Ibriz, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University

    Within the recent years, mobile technologies have made major progress in its de-velopment. They have become an integral part of our daily life. Therefore, the big interest of using mobile... More

    pp. 115-132

  8. The Use of Online Marketplace Website in Indonesia: A Study of Consumers’ Motives and Gratification

    Humaizi Humaizi, Sakhyan Asmara, Rany Sis & Muhammad Yusuf, Universitas Sumatera Utara

    The rapid development of technology eases people to do many things such as shopping, paying bill, transferring money, and so on. This study is intended to discover consumers’ motives and... More

    pp. 133-148

  9. Standardization Issues of Mobile Usability

    Radka Nacheva, University of Economics - Varna, Bulgaria

    The benefits of maintaining standards can be summarized from different perspectives: consumers, businesses, governments, economically. They inform and shape the products we buy, ensuring quality... More

    pp. 149-157