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International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies

Dec 24, 2018 Volume 12, Number 8

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 11

  1. A Novel Authentication Mechanism to Prevent Unauthorized Service Access for Mobile Device in Distributed Network

    Pavani V L, Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science, Madanapalle

    The growth of distributed computer networks (DCN) is simple for the user to share information and computing capabilities with the host. User identification is an essential access control mechanism ... More

    pp. 4-19

  2. Empowering Teachers in the Socialization of the Anti-Sexual Violence Behavior in Primary Schools

    Eko Sediyono, Wahyuni Kristinawati & Mila Paseleng, Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana

    Facts showed that many cases of sexual harassment and violence occurred to elementary school students, yet they did not have the knowledge, courage, and skills to withstand against the people who... More

    pp. 20-29

  3. Integration of Peer Instruction in Online Social Network to Enhance Higher Order Thinking Skills

    Norasykin Mohd Zaid, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia; Fatimah Yaacob; Nurbiha A Shukor, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia; Mohd Mohd Said, Aede Musta'amal & Desi Rahmatina

    Higher Order Thinking skills (HOTs) are important thinking skills for lifelong learners, active social responsibility and proactive employees in the 21st century. The rapid development of... More

    pp. 30-40

  4. Virtual Reality for Learning Fish Types in Kindergarten

    Gede Angga Kusuma, I Wirawan & I Arthana, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha

    This research aimed at developing a virtual reality based learning media application on the introduction of types of fish. The development of this application intended to facilitate the learning... More

    pp. 41-51

  5. Evaluating Smartphones for Infrastructure Work Order Management

    Victor Guinn, U.S. Air Force, United States; Brent Langhals & John Elshaw, Air Force Institute of Technology

    Infrastructure managers require timely and accurate state information to diagnose, prioritize, and repair the substantial infrastructure assets supporting modern society. Challenges in obtaining... More

    pp. 52-63

  6. Mobile-based Recommendation System for the Tour Package Using the Hybrid Method

    I Wirawan & I Diarsa, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha

    Although it has been a lot of research recommendation of the tourist attraction, there has been no research that discusses the recommendations of tour packages from a collection of travel in the... More

    pp. 64-84

  7. Application of Data Integrity Algorithm for Geotechnical Data Quality Management

    Tarik Chafiq, Hassan II university; Mohammed Ouadoud, Abdelmalek Essaadi University (UAE); Hassane Jarar Oulidi, Hassania School of Public Works; Ahmed Fekri, Hassan II University

    The aim of this research work is to ensure the integrity and correction of the geotechnical database which contains anomalies. These anomalies occurred mainly in the phase of inputting and/or... More

    pp. 85-95

  8. The Relationship between Mobile Phone Usage in Classroom and Academic Achievement in College Life

    Ariana Yunita, Universitas Pertamina; Nursechafia Nursechafia, Erwin Setiawan, Herminarto Nugroho & Hani Ramadhan

    The use of mobile phone has been increasing nowadays in most part of the world and it has become the phenomenon where people cannot live without. This study aims to reveal whether mobile phone use ... More

    pp. 96-103

  9. Mobile Game Design for Learning Chemical Bonds with Endless Run Approach

    Muhammad Hafis & Ahmad Supianto, Brawijaya University

    This research focuses on the design of a mobile application game that uses endless run method to learn chemistry concept of chemical bonds, its design is analyzed thoroughly. Application-based... More

    pp. 104-112

  10. Analysis of Players' Speed Thinking in Color Mix Game Application

    Ahmad Fairuzabadi, Ahmad Supianto & Herman Tolle, Brawijaya University

    Color Mix Game is an educational game that introduces the theory of color mixing, which is very important for everyday needs, especially in all areas of visual art such as graphic design and... More

    pp. 113-122

  11. Log Data Analysis of Player Behavior in Tangram Puzzle Learning Game

    Ivenulut Rizki Diaz, Ahmad Supianto & Herman Tolle, Brawijaya University

    Understanding player behavior in a game is quite important to know people model thinking. Through puzzle games, people can train spatial abilities in a geometry lesson. Spatial ability consists of ... More

    pp. 123-129