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Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology

2005 Volume 4, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Mining What We Know about Handheld Computers: A Review of the [Anecdotal] Evidence

    Beverly B. Ray

    Handheld computers have gone beyond the world of business and are finding their way into the hands of teachers and students. The empirical evidence suggests that the integration of handheld... More

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  2. Towards Implementing Technologies in Education: Exploring the Pedagogy and People of Good Innovations

    Richard E. Ferdig

    With the amount of research and research journals available on the subject, it may seem like we have established many "facts" and "truths" about technology and pedagogy. More... More

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  3. The Use of Computer Technologies in the Social Studies Classroom

    Mehmet Acikalin & Erdinc Duru

    Nowadays, the use of technology in education has become more popular. Special attention has been given to the adaptation of computer technology into teaching-learning process for effective learning... More

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  4. The Use of Computers in Mathematics Education: A Paradigm Shift from "Computer Assisted Instruction" towards "Student Programming"

    Emin Aydin

    The purpose of this study is to review the changes that computers have on mathematics itself and on mathematics curriculum. The study aims at investigating different applications of computers in... More

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  5. Software Mapping Assessment Tool Documenting Behavioral Content in Computer Interaction: Examples of Mapped Problems with "Kid Pix" Program

    Servet Bayram

    The purpose of software mapping is to delineate a method for software menu, tool, and palette use in the construction of elementary school science and mathematics curriculum activities. With this... More

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