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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 10

  1. Exploration, Engagement and Inquiry in Undergraduate Education: A Case Study of Learning about Science Using LEGO® and Technology

    Danilo Baylen, University of West Georgia, United States

    pp. 1-12

  2. Slippery Rocks and ALGAE: A Multiplayer Educational Roleplaying Game and a Model for Adaptive Learning Game Design

    Cynthia Calongne, Colorado Technical University; Andrew Stricker, Air University; Barbara Truman, Fusion Unlimited Networks; Jason Murray, Colorado Technical University; Edward Lavieri, Jr.; , Unlimited Networks, United States

    pp. 13-23

  3. Building Courses for Nontraditional Students with Blended Learning

    Jason Caudill, King University, United States

    pp. 24-29

  4. Cyberbullying in the Online Classroom: Faculty as the Targets

    Michael Eskey, Park University and Micheal T. Eskey, United States

    pp. 30-41

  5. Creating an Online Professional Writing Course for Mid- to Late-Career Nurses

    Mark Mabrito, Purdue University Calumet

    pp. 42-53

  6. Supporting Organization Development by Linking Systems Implementation and Faculty Orientation

    Alan Franetovic, Lawrence Technological University, United States

    pp. 54-64

  7. Open Education: A Revolution of Resources and Community

    Jason Murray, Cornwall-Lebanon School District, United States

    pp. 65-72

  8. The Effect of Educational Networking on Students’ Performance in Biology

    Chee Nee, University of Malaya, Malaysia

    pp. 73-97

  9. Faculty Perceptions on the Benefits of Instructor Evaluation for Improved Online Facilitation

    Marthann Schulte, Park University, United States

    pp. 98-110

  10. Teaching-based Augmented Reality and Smartphones to PromoteLearning Motivation Among Middle School Students

    Tami Tshuva-Albo, Kibbutzim College of Education, Israel

    pp. 111-121