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Online Review

December 1980 Volume 4, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Online Document Retrieval System Education for Undergraduates: Rationale, Content, and Observations

    Glenn R. Lowry

    A course in basic information retrieval principles and use of online document retrieval systems is a curriculum requirement for undergraduate computer science students at Stockton State College in ... More

    pp. 349-56

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  2. REFLES: An Individual Microcomputer System for Fact Retrieval

    Kathleen T. Bivins & Roger C. Palmer

    Describes the design and development of the Reference Librarian Enhancement System (REFLES), a microcomputer based system for in-house data files. The REFLES prototype is described in its test form... More

    pp. 357-65

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  3. In-House Training for On-Line Searching at a Special Library

    John Heyer

    Described are in-house training courses developed and conducted at the U.S. General Accounting Office Library for online searching of the DIALOG, SCORPIO, ORBIT, and New York Times Information Bank... More

    pp. 367-74

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  4. Implications of Artificial Intelligence for End User Use of Online Systems

    Linda C. Smith

    Reviewed are several studies which demonstrate how artificial intelligence techniques can be applied in the design of end user-oriented interfaces (which would eliminate the need for an... More

    pp. 383-91

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