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National Communication Association Annual Meeting

November 1997

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 5

  1. The Communications Technology Course in a Communications Department: The Finnish Experience

    Pertti Hurme

    This study described the experiences of a communications technology course for first-year students in a communications department, arranged in 1994-96. The learning process was monitored by means... More

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  2. Distributed and Problem-based Learning Techniques for the Family Communication Course

    H Paul LeBlanc

    Current technological advances have made possible teaching techniques which were previously impossible. Distance and distributed learning technologies have made it possible to instruct outside of... More

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  3. Putting the Family on the Tube: An Interactive Television Approach to Teaching Family Communication

    John W. Monsma

    The possibility of presenting a family communication course to large numbers of students and to students who cannot be present in the classroom makes interactive television a delivery mode worth... More

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  4. E-Mail Bonding: Making the Most of Electronic Communication between Teacher and Student

    Jerry Zolten

    An instructor's idea of using required e-mail as a communication link with students in the basic public speaking course sprang from his work with Gerald M. Philips in the pioneering reticence... More

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  5. The Training of Undergraduates in Theater Technology and Design: What the Industry Expects

    Stan Kaye

    Because technology has changed entertainment, what was once simply a humanistic art form has turned into a large industry. Everyone from politicians to corporate executives is using theater... More

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