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National Association for Research in Science Teaching Annual Meeting

Mar 23, 2003

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Number of papers: 4

  1. Cognitive Load Criteria for Critical Evaluation and Selection of Web-Based Resources for Science Teaching

    E Barbara Klemm, Marie K. Iding & Martha E. Crosby

    This study addresses the need to develop research-based criteria for science teacher educators to use in preparing teachers to critically evaluate and select web-based resources for their students'... More

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  2. Technology Integration in an Elementary Science Classroom: Its Impact on Teaching and Learning

    Kate Popejoy

    The purpose of this study was to explore the following questions: (a) what practice, if any, develops in the elementary science classroom to nurture development of technology as an imaginative... More

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  3. Students' Understanding of the Nature of Science and Their Reasoning on Socioscientific Issues: A Web-based Learning Inquiry

    Kimberly A. Walker & Dana L. Zeidler

    This study was designed to determine how students' engagement in a learning and debate activity on a current scientific controversy influences their understanding of the nature of science and, in... More

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  4. Learning Genetics with Multiple Representations: A Three Dimensional Analysis of Conceptual Change

    Chi-Yan Tsui & David F. Treagust

    Explores the conceptual change of two classes of grade 10 students (n=48) in their genetics learning in an Australian girls' school that uses laptop computers. The study used an interpretive, case-... More

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