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National Association for Research in Science Teaching Annual Meeting

March 1999

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 5

  1. Science Classroom Management Techniques Using Graphing Calculator Technology: A Collaborative Team Action Research Approach

    Dan R. Saurino, Amy Bouma & Brenda Gunnoe

    This study evaluates the use of graphing calculators in the science classroom within the context of a collaborative action research approach. A class of diversified middle-class students (n=650)... More

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  2. Preparing Science Teachers Using Distance Learning: Urban and Rural Students Collaborate Using Video Teleconferencing (VTEL) Technology

    Dan R. Saurino, Michael Bentley, George Glasson & Dennis Casey

    Universities and colleges have attempted to enhance education through the use of video teleconferencing. This paper reports on a videoconferencing effort between two campuses of the Virginia... More

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  3. Connecting To Increase Task Variety in Biology Classroom--A Case Study

    Wen-Hua Chang

    This study explores the impact of a researcher-developed World Wide Web database on a variety of tasks and talk in a science classroom. The study was part of an experienced teacher's action... More

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  4. Assessing the Nature of Learners' Science Content Understandings as a Result of Utilizing On-Line Resources

    Joseph L. Hoffman & Joseph S. Krajcik

    The purpose of this study was to describe the depth and accuracy of sixth grade students' content understanding as a result of engaging in information seeking activities using Web-based resources... More

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  5. Initiating the Use of GIS Technology in Wyoming Public Schools through In-Service Workshops

    Alan R. Buss & Patricia A. McClurg

    This paper reports the results of a 2-year study investigating the types of experiences and support necessary for in-service teachers to effectively integrate Geographic Information Systems (GIS)... More

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