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National Association for Research in Science Teaching Annual Meeting

April 1995

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 3

  1. A Pilot Study of an Electronic Community of Interdisciplinary Secondary Science Teachers

    Mary E. Caggiano

    The focus of this study was to understand and describe the nature of a professional community of interdisciplinary science teachers linked together through a telecommunications network. Thirty two ... More

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  2. A Survey of Telecommunications Use by Secondary School Science Teachers in New York City

    Brian Murfin

    This study is an attempt to determine the extent of telecommunications use by secondary school science teachers in the Queens borough of New York City. Science teachers in 39 middle schools and 32 ... More

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  3. Effects of Constructivist and Computer-Facilitated Strategies on Achievement in Heterogeneous Secondary Biology

    Maryellen Duffy & William Barowy

    This paper describes the effects of the implementation of constructivist techniques with interactive computer simulations on conceptual understanding of plant nutrition and critical thinking skills... More

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