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Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research (NAER Journal)

Jan 15, 2019 Volume 8, Number 1


Universidad de Alicante, Spain Rosabel Roig Vila

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 10

  1. Learning Styles and the Use of ICT in University Students within a Competency-Based Training Model

    Sergio Barbosa Granados & Marlly Amariles Jaramillo

    The purpose of the study was to determine the learning styles (LS) and the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in university students within a competency-based training model,... More

    Languages: English, Español/Spanish

    pp. 1-6

  2. Mobile Learning in University Contexts Based on the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT)

    Ángel Mojarro Aliaño, Ana Duarte Hueros, María Guzmán Franco & Ignacio Aguaded

    The aim of this study is to determine the factors that significantly influence the acceptance and intent to use smartphones and tables as resources for learning in university contexts, as well as... More

    Languages: English, Español/Spanish

    pp. 7-17

  3. Barriers to Student Learning and Participation in an Inclusive School as Perceived by Future Education Professionals

    Pilar Arnaiz Sánchez, Remedios de Haro-Rodríguez & Rosa Maldonado Martínez

    Inclusive education represents the way forward to achieving high quality education systems, which are fair and equitable. This paper analyzes the barriers to learning and the current participation ... More

    Languages: English, Español/Spanish

    pp. 18-24

  4. Technical and Didactic Knowledge of the Moodle LMS in Higher Education. Beyond Functional Use

    Julio Cabero-Almenara, María Arancibia & Annachiara del Prete

    Higher education institutions at the international level have seen the need to adopt and integrate information and communication technologies to meet the opportunities and challenges of innovation ... More

    Languages: English, Español/Spanish

    pp. 25-33

  5. Design, Validation, and Application of a Questionnaire on Media Education for Teachers in Training

    Julio-César Mateus & Wilson Hernández-Breña

    This article details the process of design, validation and application (N = 501) of an ad-hoc questionnaire that measures Peruvian teachers’ knowledge, attitudes, and reasoning in training on media... More

    Languages: English, Español/Spanish

    pp. 34-41

  6. Educational Possibilities of Video Games in the Primary Education Stage According to Teachers in Training. A Case Study

    Verónica Marín-Díaz, Marina Morales-Díaz & Eloísa Reche-Urbano

    Education mediated by video games is a way of working that is increasingly more evident. Along this line we present the resultsobtained from a group of pre-service teachers (N=169), whothrough a... More

    Languages: English, Español/Spanish

    pp. 42-49

  7. Incidence of a hypermedia educational material on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

    Laura del Río, Cecilia Sanz & Néstor Búcari

    The use of hypermedia educational materials in education has gained relevance in recent years and is the object of numerous research activities. In the context of teaching and learning Mathematics,... More

    Languages: English, Español/Spanish

    pp. 50-57

  8. Perception of the Professional Competences of Last Year’s Students of Pre-Primary Education and Primary Education Degrees and Students of Training Teachers Master

    Eufrasio Pérez Navío, María Medina Domínguez & Javier Cachón Zagalaz

    This research aims to obtain knowledge of the perception of last year´s students’ in Pre-primary and Primary Education Degrees and Secondary Education, Vocational Education and Languages Education ... More

    Languages: English, Español/Spanish

    pp. 58-65

  9. The Process of Change from Chairs to Departments at Spanish Universities

    Sara González

    The transformation of the model of university organization, with the passage of the traditional system of chairs to departmental, began in Spain in the mid-sixties. The educational policy of the... More

    Languages: English, Español/Spanish

    pp. 66-72

  10. Assessing Teacher Digital Competence: the Construction of an Instrument for Measuring the Knowledge of Pre-Service Teachers

    José Lázaro-Cantabrana, Mireia Usart-Rodríguez & Mercè Gisbert-Cervera

    Assessing competences always poses a challenge and can be even more complicated when tackling a multidimensional competence like teacher digital competence (TDC). TDC is understood to consist of... More

    Languages: English, Español/Spanish

    pp. 73-78