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Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research (NAER Journal)

Jul 15, 2016 Volume 5, Number 2


Universidad de Alicante, Spain Rosabel Roig Vila

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 11

  1. Applied Linguistics Research at the Service of Classroom Practices: Bridging Connections

    Laura Marqus-Pascual, University of California, Santa Barbara; Julie Spencer-Rodgers, California Polytechnic State University

    Introduction to Issue More

    pp. 64-65

  2. An Analysis of Communicative Language Functions in the Speech Patterns of Bilingual Korean and Mexican Immigrant Children

    Jin Lee, Department of Education, University of California, Santa Barbara,; Jane Choi, Mathematica Policy Research, Chicago, USA, United States; Laura Marqus-Pascual, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, United States

    For children from immigrant families, opportunities to develop additive bilingualism exist, yet bilingual attainment has varied widely. Given the significance of language development opportunities ... More

    pp. 66-73

  3. Prosodic Cues in Relative Clauses Disambiguation: Bilinguals vs. L2 Learners

    Irene Checa-Garcia, Department of Modern and Classical Languages, University of Wyoming, USA, United States

    This study investigates the preferences for attachment of a relative clause (RC) to a complex noun phrase (NP) of the type: NP1 of NP2, in Spanish-English bilinguals and advanced learners of... More

    pp. 74-80

  4. Heritage, Second-Language and Native Speakers’ Intuitions on Deictic Verbs in Spanish: Beyond the Linguist’s Intuitions

    Daniel Chui

    Previous analyses of the Spanish deictic verbs venir ‘to come’, ir ‘to go’, traer ‘to bring’ and llevar ‘to take’ have drawn upon Fillmore’s (1975) series of lectures on deixis in noting that... More

    pp. 81-90

  5. Using Video in Web-Based Listening Tests

    Cristina Pardo-Ballester, Department of World Languages and Cultures, Iowa State University, U.S.A, United States

    With sophisticated multimedia technology, there is a renewed interest in the relationship between visual and auditory channels in assessing listening comprehension (LC). Research on the use of... More

    pp. 91-98

  6. Research on Heritage Spanish Phonetics and Phonology: Pedagogical and Curricular Implications

    Rajiv Rao & Emily Kuder, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, United States

    This paper creates a novel link between research on linguistics and education by discussing what we know about the sound system of heritage language users of Spanish and how these findings can... More

    pp. 99-106

  7. On Teaching the History of California Spanish to HLL using Siri: Methodology and Procedures

    Covadonga Lamar Prieto, Department of Hispanic Studies/Spanish of California Lab (SOCALab), University of California Riverside

    This article reports results from a study in which two groups of college level students were exposed to interactions with Apple’s Siri in order to foster dialogue about their dialectal features. In... More

    pp. 107-114

  8. The Benefits of Active Video Games for Educational and Physical Activity Approaches: A Systematic Review

    Carlos Merino-Campos & Hctor del Castillo Fernndez, Department of Educational Sciences, University of Alcal, Spain

    This article sets out to conduct a systematic review of the current literature on active video games as potential educational tools for physical education or physical activity. To begin with,... More

    pp. 115-122

  9. Entrepreneurship and Adolescents

    Lidia Santana Vega, Departamento de Didctica e Investigacin Educativa, Universidad de La Laguna, Spain; Olga Gonzlez-Morales, Departamento de Economa Aplicada y Mtodos Cuantitativos, Universidad de La Laguna, Spain; Luis Feliciano Garca, Departamento de Didctica e Investigacin Educativa, Universidad de La Laguna, Spain

    This work studied the entrepreneurial aspirations of 3,987 adolescents regarding self-employment and the influence of gender, age, nationality, type of school, location of the school, educational... More

    pp. 123-129

  10. Historical Skills in Compulsory Education: Assessment, Inquiry Based Strategies and Students' Argumentation

    Cosme Gmez Carrasco & Pedro Miralles Martnez, Department of Mathematics and Social Sciences Education, University of Murcia, Spain

    This paper makes a reflection on the assessment of historical thinking in compulsory education. First, the article reflects on the type of knowledge that is being evaluated (memory or understanding... More

    pp. 130-136

  11. Towards School Transformation. Evaluation of a Coexistence Program from the Voice of Students and Teachers

    Roser Grau, Department of Comparative Education and History of Education, University of Valencia, Spain; Laura Garca-Raga, Department of Education Theory, University of Valencia, Spain; Ramn Lpez-Martn, Department of Comparative Education and History of Education, University of Valencia, Spain

    Learning to coexist continues to be one of the challenges faced by the current educational system, especially for those schools located in contexts at risk of social exclusion where the violence... More

    pp. 137-146