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Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research (NAER Journal)

NAER seeks academic articles on educational sciences based on innovative experiences which can contribute the development of the educational sciences in any of their manifestations and provide new approaches to teaching as a response to the deep changes our society is going through.

The aim of the journal is to promote research, innovation and transfer of scientific knowledge, and it is defined as an interdisciplinary scientific journal in the educational field of the Social Sciences. Its prioritary audience spans –albeit not exclusively- the scientific and professional Education community.

The human team behind NAER is committed to scientific excellence and the improvement of education, taking as a point of departure research and innovation. The thought of a fair society, democratic and humanized, is the philosophy which guides all the actions developed at the heart of NAER.

Areas covered

Pedagogical innovation and Quality in Education
Research (works) on new educational experiences, best practices, teaching contributions about educational praxis, and quality improvement at university and non-university contexts
Information and Communication Technologies in formal and non-formal contexts
Research (works) on ICT integration into all educational levels and within formal as well non-formal contexts. Research (works) on educational praxis, teaching-learning processes and the new educational trends in the heart of information society.
Education and Society: Innovations in the 21st century
Research (works) linked to new proposals in the context of Social Sciences with the aim of disseminating the innovations which are taking place seeking to offer new proposals, as well as their connections with one another, and the historical foundations to which they have given rise.
Studies referring to fields such as Psychology, Pedagogy, Environmental Sustainability, History of Education, Politics, Gender and Equality Studies, Social Work, Economics, Law, etc. which can develop ties around Education and Society.

University of Alicante

ISSN: 2254-7339